Hurricane Stretch X Race Frame




The Hurricane a frame for racer by racer
Its a 215mm stretch x frame with a simple design that make him easy to build at home and repair on the field
The arm design make it easy to change because its the same for all the arm
Finally if you look for a race frame that can take big hit and continu the day its the frame for you

Carbon Thickness:4mm arms, 3mm base plate, 2mm top plate
Hardware include:
4X3*6 steel screws
8X3*11 steel screws
4X3*12 steel screws
4XM3*20 Blue Knurled standoffs
8Xm3 lock nut
3d print camera mount and VTX
1PCS Straps

Note:Default shipping using DHL,If you need to use EMS, etc., please contact me.


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